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Arrival Blessing

This was written on Monday March 3rd......

Arriving in the village, wary from being awake for 30 hours, I was ready for a snack and a rest.

I brought some protein bars with me, not delicious protein bars, but sugar/gluten free protein bars... enough to keep me satiated if I am in need of a quick meal by myself.

So, as I open my protein bar, my very favoritest person named Rose enters the room. I am elated to see her and hug her... she is elated to see my snack... ou vley? (You want?). Wi wi!

Not sure she would appreciate the non sugary treat, I only took about 1/4 of the bar off for her. (Pause.... Back Up)

Have I mentioned how great Rodnald and Rithza are? What amazing parents they are? How they have opened their homes, their hearts, and their ways of life to this sweet orphan child named Rose.... (Fast Forward again)

What is the first thing Rose does with her 1/4 of a protein bar? She rips it in half and brings half of the bar to Abu, a little boy who was right outside the room.

How many 7 year olds do you know that just willingly share what they have with others.. she wasn’t asked by Abu, Abu didn’t even know she had it. Out of the kindness of her heart she shared the bar. Why did she do this? Because Rodnald and Rithza are raising her with the knowledge and light of Christ in her heart.

This moment, frozen in my mind and heart forever will absolutely be the best part of this trip.

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