Jeremiah and Tanja Dwire co-founded 7:10 Foundation in 2013.  They have been married since 2008, and together have 6 children.  Cameron age 19 is living and working in Perham, MN and is also a proud member of the Army reserves.  Emily is 14 and in the 9th grade, she has chosen to homeschool to open up her availability to serve in Haiti.  Madelyn is 13 and in the 7th grade, Lydia is 7 and in the 1st grade, Faith is 5 and in Kindergarten, and Elaina is 4 and learning at home with mom and Emily.  Jeremiah and Tanja have a home in Sebeka, MN where Jeremiah is the owner of a directional drilling business.  They feel that they have been called by the Lord to minister and invest in the people in Haiti and also serve where they can working with the youth and a local bible camp in Minnesota.


tanja and jj

 When Sherry learned that many Haitian people do not attend church because
they are embarrassed of their clothing, she started to organize volunteers
to scout out new or gently used clothing of all sizes. Children’s Lifeline,
LaDigue, Haiti, gave these suggestions: “Summer clothing of all sizes for
boys & girls, men & women in the smaller sizes & small maternity. For church
- boys & men wear dress pants & typically a long sleeve dress shirt with a
tie. Girls & women wear either dresses or skirts with a nice top. Nothing
sleeveless – sleeves need at least cap the shoulder & skirts / dresses need
to come at least to the knees.”

Sherry also sews burial blankets for Real Hope for Haiti in Cazale, Haiti.

Anyone interested in helping with any of these projects, please contact
Sherry at



Charlie and Laura reside in Franklin ,TN with their two children. Their
youngest was adopted from Haiti. Charlie is a Healthcare Executive and
Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He studied Management at
Midcontinent University. Laura telecommutes from home for a legal firm
while raising their children and actively volunteers at the children’s

school regularly. Laura holds a Bachelor of Science from Murray State
located in Murray Kentucky.

The Chapin’s began traveling to Haiti in 2008 and have continued their
involvement now teaming with Children’s Lifelines and 7:10 Foundation. They
are active members of their church

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 Pam grew up in rural Minnesota. She asked Christ to be Lord of her life
when she was 7 years old. She attended Bible Camp as a teen and recommitted
her life then. Pam enjoyed working with children and went to Crown College
after she graduated from High School. She received her BA in Elementary
Education. While in college she was able to travel to West Germany on a
short missions trip. Her most eye opening experience was to see the
beautiful cathedrals empty of Christian believers, and taking part in an
open street survey where most of the participants shared their lack of
interest in a caring God.

Pam met Bob through teaching at a small Christian school. They were married
6.5 months later. Together they attended and are active at Blowers Chapel.
They have two children, Nathan 19 and Hannah 17. In December of 2012 the
whole family traveled to Haiti. This was a wonderful and eye opening

experience that brought their family together in serving a loving God.

Pam has a renewed heart for children, in her classroom and in Haiti. She
looks forward to seeing what God will do through the work of 7:10

Pam Allebach


 Hannah Allebach

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